Dept. of Obstetrics & Gynaecology - Calcutta National Medical College & Hospital

MBBS (CAL), MD (PGI), DNB (India), MNAMS, FACS (US), FRCOG (London)

Guest Lecturership - Dr. Hiralal Konar

Dr. Hiralal Konar Guest Lecturership

Invited Speaker/Guest Lectures at different National & International Conferences, Symposia, CME and Seminars
1. FIGO-ICOG-SAFOG- NESOG 11th International Conference at Kathmandu (4th - 7th April 2013): Aetiopathological basis of Recurrent Pregnancy Loss.

2. ISOPARB Annual Conference Lucknow 23rd March 2013: Fertility Conservation in Ovarian Malignancy.

3. 9th SAFOG Congress (28th Feb-3rd March, 2013), ITC Mughal, Agra: Advances in Contraception - What is New?

4. 9th SAFOG Congress (28th Feb-3rd March, 2013), ITC Mughal, Agra: Radical Hysterectomy an Outdated Procedure?

5. World Conference on Dilemmas in OB/GY” from 30th Nov -2nd December 2012 at Nagpur.

6. FOGSI-56th AICOG: Heart Disease in Pregnancy; Mumbai, 2013

7. World Congress on Population Stabilization & Womens Health, Jaipur, 2012: Labour Word Protocols

8. FOGSI-ICOG-Dr. C.L. Jhaveri Endowment Symposium-2012: Thrombhophilia and Adverse Pregnancy Outcome. 

9. 55th All India Obstet-Gyn Congress: Varanasi-2012: Newer Molecules in Prediction of PIH. 

10. 6th National Conference of Diabetes in Pregnancy study group in India (DIPSI), Feb. 2011: Mumbai; Diabetes in Pregnancy Management issues. 

11. 54th All India Obstet-Gyn Congress: Hyderabad 2011: Blood component therapy in Obstetrics in reducing maternal death. 

12. 53rd All India Obstet-Gyn Congress: Guwahati 2010: Caesarean Delivery—how to reduce complication. 

13. 52nd All India Obstet-Gyn Congress: Jaipur 2009: Inherited Gynaecological Cancer. 

14. 51st All India Obstet-Gyn Congress: New Delhi 2008: Hypothyroidism in Pregnancy. 

15. All North East Societies Annual Conference-Agartala, Tripura Feb. 2007: Reconstructive survey for mullerian malformations. 

16. Golden Jubilee Conference of AICOG 2007 — Kolkata, Jan 2007: Heart disease in pregnancy.

17. Postgraduate CME at SCB Medical College, Cuttack, Sept. 2006. 

18. CME: Allahabad OB-Gyn Society: Allahabad, July, 2006: HPV infection and cancer cervix. 

19. Workshop: Medical Disorders in Pregnancy at All India OB-Gyn Congress: Kochi, Kerala, Jan.2006. 

20. CME: Banaras Obstet-Gynae Society: Banaras: UP: Dec. 2005. 

21. Annual Conference, YUVA FOGSI, India: Patna: Bihar: Nov. 2005. 

22. 6th Annual Conference of Ranchi Obstet-Gynae Society: Ranchi: Jharkhand: Nov. 2005. 

23. Annual Conference of Indian Medical Association (IMA): Titagarh Branch Nov. 2005. 

24. All Orissa Obstet-Gyn Societies Joint Conference: Rourkela: Nov. 2005. 

25. Haryana Obstet-Gyn Society Conference: Rohtak : Oct. 2005. 

26. Post Graduates CME at Sri Ramchandra Medical College, Parur: Chennai: Oct. 2005. 

27. Electronic Fetal Monitoring Workshop at IPGME & R and SSKM Hospital: Calcutta: Sept. 2005. 

28. CME for Post Graduates organised by Mumbai Obstet-Gyn Societies: Mumbai: Sept 2005. 

29. CME for Post Graudates for MRCOG-I and MRCOG-II, organised by AICC-RCOG: Kolkata: August 2005. 

30. CME at the East Zone India Post Graduates: SCB Medical College: Cuttack: Sept. 2005. 

31. CME at the Golden Jubilee Celebration of Govt. Medical College, Aurangabad: August 2005. 

32. CME for the Post Graduates - Southern India: Bangalore June 2005. 

33. CME for Rourkela - Obstet-Gyn Society: Rourkela: June 2005. 

34. 48th All India Obstet-Gyn Congress: Aurangabad 2005 Management of Prosthetic Heart value in Pregnancy. 

35. 48th All India Obstet-Gyn Congress: Aurangabad 2005 CME Programme—Rational Surgery for Pelvic floor relaxation. 

36. The Mumbai Obstet-Gyn Society, Mumbai 2004: B.N. Durandane Seminar
—Trends in the management of Breech and multiple pregnancy. 

37. East Zone India Conference Obstet-Gyn Calcutta 2004:
 Medical Disorders in Pregnancy — who should see the woman? 

38. Annual Conference of AICC of Royal College of Obstetrician and Gynaecologist (London): Nagpur 2004: Viral hepatitis in pregnancy. 

39. 47th All India Obstet-Gyn Society: Agra 2004: Medical emergencies in pregnancy. 

40. Jaipur Obstet-Gyn Society Conference: Jaipur 2004: Medical disorders in pregnancy. 

41. ICOG & Annual Conference of Durgapur Obstet-Gyn Society: Durgapur 2004: Pre-term labour. 

42. 8th Annual Conference of All Orissa Obstet-Gyn Societies: Berhampur 2003: HRT and gynaecologic malignancy. 

43. Annual Conference of AICC of Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (London): Calcutta 2002: 
Malaria in pregnancy. 

44. 4th South Asian Federation of Obstet-Gyn Congress : Bombay 2003 : Viral hepatitis in pregnancy 

45. 46th All India Obstet-Gyn Congress: Bangalore 2003: Bronchial asthma in pregnancy. 

46. Asia-Oceania Conference of Obstet Gynae: Bangalore 2002: 
Safe motherhood. 

47. 61st State Conference of Indian Medical Association: Calcutta 2002: Evaluation of an infertile couple. 

48. 45th All India Congress Obstetrics and Gynaecology: Bhubaneswar 2002: Episiotomy should not be a routine practice. 

49. 3rd National Congress of Psycho oncology and Psychosomatic Obstetrics: Jamshedpur 2001: Psychological response of mothers to perinatal deaths. 

50. RCH Workshop, Govt. of India & FOGSI: Rourkela 2001: Maternal mortality in India. 

51. RCH Workshop, Govt. of India & FOGSI: Ranchi 2001: Reproductive and Childhealth care. 

52. Annual Conference of AICC of Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (London): PGI, Chandigarh 2000: Infertility and premature ovarian failure. 

53. 4th FIGO World Congress in Obstetrics & Gynaecology: Washington DC: 2000 Ovulation induction with clomiphene citrate alone vs. clomiphone citrate & a single dose       gonadotrophin. 

54. 63rd Foundation Day of Bengal Obstet-Gyn Society : Calcutta : 2000 : Premature ovarian failure 

55. Annual Conference of Asansol Obstet-Gyn Society: Asansol: May 2000: Electronic fetal monitoring and immediate care of the newborn. 

56. 6th Foundation Day and Annual Aniversary Day Celebration of Indian Medical Association: Durgapur: March 2000: Preoperative care and counselling. 

57. Millennium (26th Annual) Conference in Bengal Obstet-Gyn: Calcutta: 2000: Prevention of anaemia in pregnancy. 

58. Annual and 17th Foundation Day Conference in Obstet-Gyn: Durgapur: 2000: Screening for cervical cancer. 

59. 26th Annual Obstet-Gyn Conference: Jamshedpur: 2000: Screening for ovarian carcinoma. 

60. CME Programme of the 43rd All India Obstet-Gyn Congress (FOGSI): Lucknow: 1999: Epidemiology and genetics of ovarian malignancy. 

61. 62nd Foundation day of Bengal Obstetrics and Gynaecological Society: Calcutta: 1999: Progestins in Gynaecology. 

62. International Conference of Obstet-Gyn: Kathmandu, Nepal: 1999: Intrapartum fetal monitoring. 

63. CME programme of the 2nd SAFOG Conference: Dhaka, Bangladesh: 1998: Diagnosis and Management of fetal congenital malformations. 

64. 1st Annual Conference on menopause: Burdwan: Oct. 1998. 

65. 41st All India Obstetrics and Gynaecological Congress: Siliguri: Dec. 1997: Advanced endometriosis in relation to infertility. 

66. 61st Foundation day celebration of Bengal Obstetrics and Gynaecol. Society: Calcutta: Jul. 1997: Recent advances in Rhesus-Isoimmunisation. 

67. 3rd International Conference in Obstetrics and Gynaecology: Kathmandu: Feb. 1997:
 Polycystic ovarian disease and infertility.

68. CME programme of the 3rd National Congress on ART and AIM: Calcutta: 1997:
 Anatomical factors in recurrent miscarriage.