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August 6 · Rare Obstetric Management · Admin - Dr. Konar

Successful Management of an Extremely Uncommon pregnancy

Abdominal Pregnancy is a rare type of Ectopic Pregnancy (1 in 3000). Abdominal pregnancy at term with live fetus is extremely rare. Only few cases are reported in literature. 29 yrs old patient G4:P1+0+2+1, was referred from a subdivisional hospital following failed Laparotomy in an attempt of cesarean delivery. Pregnancy duration was 37 completed weeks. Repeated ulstrasound scans during pregnancy reveal intrauterine live fetus, variable lie. Relaparotomy was done after a period of 4 hours in a tertiary care center to manage this pregnancy problem.  Term live fetus weighing 1870 gm was delivered. Fetus was under cover of omentum, intestines and under the inferrior surface of right lobe of liver. Uterus was found to be enlarged in pelvis. Massive intraperitoneal hemorrhage was encountered during delivery of the placenta. Placeta was implanted on the posterior abdominal wall, the mesentry, sigmoid mesocolon burrowing the pelvic peritoneum and the POD. Placenta could be removed entirely. Mother and the baby were discharged healthy on 11th postoperative day. (Video to see in the Video gallary shortly)

Dr. Hiralal Konar

Successful Management of an Extremely Uncommon Pregnancy